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Heal spiritual disease with various written words, the Apothecary

" They are bursting me out laughing, those of present epoch, with their paper !

To entrust its ideas to a material of which one serves especially for wiping itself the bottom,

it is neither to fear ridiculousness nor to doubt about nothing.

With the first rain, Time will gum them from its register. "

La Queste d' Aldoran, category Purgative : here

Preface of Doctor Enfoyrus

The lion of the MowGli Major (Flash)

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International Charabia : 33  languages, the whole in music

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My texts only. The remainder, it is for sightseeing. Or if a thimble to sew reading tires you.

Collecting owner,

I put myself in bottle.

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The Dessert




Revealed India

Queste d' Aldoran

Robin d' Ardèche

The Insane  who sells Wisdom

Adventures of Doctor Enfoyrus

The Cry of the Condor

The Lady of the Lake


My cat Mowgli , photographs 

My photographs of travels :  Sri Lanka (Ceylon) ; India ; Peru ; Morocco ; Thailand ; Canada ; Europe ; France ; Provence

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© Joel Medina alias the Apothecary, 2006


© Joel Medina alias the Apothecary, 2006