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Ceylon, my cup of tea

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       Do you know an island that Bouddha saw three times  ?           
Buddha sitting in meditation, Sri Lanka

Where gardens are poems,       
Botanical garden of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

forests sanctuaries, the trees like carved wood,        
Forest of the neighbourhoods of Kandy, Sri Lanka

and with amazing
falls lost in the mountains ;        Falls of Ramboda, Sri Lanka

nested on green headlands, the cities protect their secrets.        Town of Kandy, Sri Lanka

        An island with mysterious
Temple of Dambulla, Sri Lanka

with perfumes of cinnamon, mango and sandal's oil, with religious
palm trees.       
Temple of the Tooth of Buddha, Sri Lanka

        Here fly dancers who walk on fire ;       
Dancers, Sri Lanka

along the sinuous roads, the plantations of tea are staged there in as many vegetable hems        
The road of Tea below Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka        

of which take care tamils workwomen        Tamils workwomen, Sri Lanka        -- only  tamils which prevail in the south.


         An island, I said, where the monkey accomodates you with espieglery,          
Monkey, Sri Lanka       

where idle the buffalo when it is not in rice plantation paining under the yoke ;

Buffalo bathing in a pond, Sri Lanka        where iguanas and others lizards run everywhere,         Varan, Sri Lanka     


and where the wild elephant tolerates you because excess of civilization.   
Wild Elephant living in National park of Yala, Sri Lanka

        About Indian Ocean, it opposes the fishermen only the every three hundred years. Up to date, now.       
Fisherman's boat, Sri Lanka

           Headlight of Galle, Sri Lanka

       And please, if you are told that Ceylon, the old Serendib with thousand spices, is a ground dangerous to avoid like the plague, say to yourself,

north except, that it is bagpipe's game.       
Gypsy charming a cobra, Sri Lanka        Words of ministers who never leave their offices.


        During the recent events reported by the press, I was there. The single thing that I noted, it was the desertion from the tourists, so that I

known most royal of peaces.  Alone in the hotel, alone on the sites, alone in the parks. A privilege of millionaire to the range of poor, my whole


        Thus do not listen to these tongues of snake       
Myself with python around the neck, Sri Lanka        which by their slanders blacken the picture and cause

large damage with local economy...

        Sri Lanka, they are only radiant faces, kindness and hospitality.        
Children of Sri Lanka        When the sun blazes, women,

draped in their sari like Pallas Athena Greek,  proteged by
sunshade "color of curry", always they smile you, discovering theirs

white teeth.
The same under the rain, because they are of equal mood.        Young woman smiling under her sunshade, Sri Lanka       

It is not tomorrow the same in Europa, soil of the grumblers...

        Then, go ahead. See what is really this country whose almost all stones are invaluable stones ; drink at will the coconut milk

that one offers to you without calculation, 
and enjoy as your first mouthful of life. The Paradise exists because I met it, said  Marco Polo.

I can attest : more beautiful, you die !        Ayubowan !

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© Joel Medina, November 2006